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Ways to Get Vietnam Visas


There can be lots of reasons why you get interested about going to Vietnam. You will love Vietnam because of excellent weather conditions and also the excellent food that it offers. Vietnam is just a small country unlike the neighboring China and India. And there are just three international airports in Vietnam.


When you go to Vietnam, you will surely experience fun and excitement. But, when you enter the country, you should have the cheap Vietnam visa. Foreigners who are going to travel to Vietnam must get a visa. Also, you should know that the cost of the visa can actually differ from one country to the next and due to this reason, you must get in touch with the Vietnam Embassy or go to the internet in order to know the price.


There is also a visa on arrival but this is just for selected countries. If you would get a Vietnam visa, there are a couple of ways that you can accomplish this. You can go to the Vietnam Embassy or you may have the application online. If you choose to go to the embassy, then you should know that the process can take more time as compared to submitting your application online. To ensure that the whole procedure is accomplished really fast, then you have to go for the online process. So that you can obtain an approval letter, then you will have to apply online. An authorized agency will then send the approval letter in 48 hours. What you can do next is that you go and get your visa stamped on the passport at the airport on your arrival. This is known as the Vietnam Visa On Arrival. Visit us at for more info.


But, you should know that such kind of visa is not really a full visa. You need to have an agent the Vietnam Airport who will get the letter of approval at the VOA counter upon landing. If you go for 30 to 90 days, you can have a single entry visa since this is just available for these time frames.


The passport should include a full visa for the single and also the multiple entry visas. You are going to be asked some pieces of information regarding your nationality as well as other personal information. Once you have completed all the formalities, then you will have to pay a small fee of about 9 dollars to the VOA agents. This fee can differ from one agent to another and the kind of visa that you have applied for.


There are various tour operators who provide excellent discounts on the approval letter fees so that more people will book their tours with them. Also, you have to know that a three-month multiple visa has several restrictions. Know more about visa in